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Build the fundamentals to dancing.

As a beginner, the best class for you to take is Ballroom 1. You'll learn all the simple steps of dancing in this class!

Open up a new and exciting chapter in your life by adding ballroom dance to your repertoire!

We specialize in helping beginners to learn how to feel more comfortable on the dance floor. Weekly Friday night dances offer the chance to practice and use what you have learned.


Our instructors are trained in Ballroom, Latin, Nightclub and Wedding dances. We make learning a wonderful  experience!

Why choose us?

When do classes start and when do they meet?

Classes are 11 weeks in length. Each beginning class meets for about 60 minutes once a week. You can find when new classes are beginning on the class schedule. Summer classes are 6 weeks in length, and meet for about 120 minutes once a week. Throughout the year, we offer beginning dance classes that will be conducted in a friendly relaxed atmosphere.


How much does it cost?

Classes average at about $11.50 per hour. Beginning classes meet over the course of 11 weeks (or 6 weeks in the summer) and cost only $125.00. There are no hidden fees or long-term contracts. Try the beginning class for 11 weeks. There is never any further obligation to continue. Most people continue because they truly enjoy the activity, the socializing, and the fun!


What do we learn?

You will find social dancing easy to learn. Our beginning classes start with waltz, swing, rumba and foxtrot. Each class will spend time on basic patterns, but you will learn more than just dance steps. Social ballroom dancing builds skills such as leading, following and rhythm. You will learn how to become comfortable on the dance floor.


Do I need a partner?

No, our classes are designed for students coming as couples or singles. Everyone is welcome, but we do ask singles to enroll in advance so we can try to keep an even ratio of leaders and followers.


How do I enroll?

Please enroll by calling during our office hours from 1:00 - 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday at 217-359-5333. It is helpful if you pre-enroll, but you can also enroll at your first class. Enrollment will continue through the third week of class if you must join us late.


Can I find Regent on Facebook?

Yes! Find us under Regent Ballroom and Dance Center.


How do I find the Regent Ballroom?

We are located just south of Champaign near the Savoy 16 Theatre. From Champaign, you should follow Neil Street south east Windsor Road to Burwash Avenue. Turn right on Burwash at the Twin City Honda dealership then turn left on Regency Drive West. For those who are familiar with the Savoy Theatre, the Regent Ballroom is just 2 blocks west. Our ballroom is clearly marked with a sign on the front of the building. You can view a map with driving directions on our contact page.


What do I wear?

Wear something comfortable that will lend itself to free movement. We suggest avoiding clothes that are too casual, such as shorts or clothing that are too tight that restrict mobility. Don’t forget comfortable shoes! Wear a pair that will stay with the foot as it rises and falls. While you may find gym shoes comfortable, they have too much grip for social dancing. Leather-soled shoes are recommended if you already have them.


What if I miss a lesson?

As a matter of fact, we expect you to. The average student will miss a lesson or two during an 11-week semester and not fall behind. How? Each lesson, we review all the steps taught in all previous lessons. We also have the entire semester on DVD for $35.00; which is a very wise purchase even if you don’t fall behind. Sorry, refunds or credit for missed classes.


Will I be the only beginner?

Of course not! Our beginning classes are specially designed for people with little or no dance experience. We strive to make everyone feel comfortable so you can have a ball!







Find a new passion.

Enrich your life with some dance classes!

"Dance class is something I look forward to. It gets me away from the TV and fridge for a night and allows me to meet fellow life-long learners. The teachers make it fun. I didn't expect to laugh so much!"

- Michelle T.

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